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Employee Relations

Better late than never--if you have a good excuse

Getting to work on time can be hard enough without the added obstacles imposed by bathroom mishaps, gas station stick-ups and, of course, bands of roving deer. The pollsters at CareerBuilder recently asked more than 2,100 hiring and HR managers for the most ridiculous excuses for tardiness they have heard.
Compensation & Benefits

Auditors get new marching orders for payroll audits

Outsourcing your payroll operations to a third party doesn’t get you off the hook for your undeposited payroll taxes, if your third party drops the ball.
HR Management

JOLTS report shows details of economic recovery

The unemployment rate—now 5.7%, compared to 10% in October 2009—is one measure of how well the economy is rebounding. But labor economists often note that the unemployment rate is something of a statistical blunt instrument that fails to capture the nuances of what’s really happening in the job market. Economists increasingly turn to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey to spotlight the detail in the broader employment picture.
Employment Law

FMLA rights extended to all same-sex spouses

The rule change grants FMLA leave rights to same-sex spouses even in states that do not sanction or recognize gay marriage.

Employee fired via Twitter--before she even starts

The day before a Texas woman started her new job, she tweeted a rather profane opinion about it—and even threw some sour emojis into the mix. Guess what happened next.

Great interview question assumes offer is coming

Here's a novel question worth trying in an interview.
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