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Employment Law

Telecommute not always ADA accommodation

Employers won a major victory April 10 when that court ruled that telecommuting is not always a reasonable accommodation, even for jobs that can mostly be done from home.

USCIS reaches H-1B visa cap in less than a week

All 85,000 H-1B visas for 2016 are spoken for, snapped up in less than seven days in an application process that began April 1.
HR Management

More job creation, more worker engagement, more ... bartenders?

Montana and North Dakota are locked in a dead heat for states with the most bartenders per capita.
Compensation & Benefits

Courts create a wide berth for wage payment lawsuits

Federal and state courts don’t have to go out on too long a limb to allow employees to sue for their unpaid wages and to find corporate officers personally liable under state wage payment laws for failing to pay those wages. Two recent cases illustrate.

Be sure to document justification for RIF

While you may not want to share the information with your employees as you prepare for a reduction in force, be sure to document the reasons. That’s especially true if the underlying reasons are monetary—that you simply can’t afford to employ as many people as you have in the past.
Employee Relations

The art of giving good instructions to employees

The ability to give instructions is a vital skill for an HR pro or manager. And it is a skill—one you can learn and improve on. Here are some guidelines.
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