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Employment Law

Most 2013 EEOC charges were filed by employees in 10 states

Ten states—mostly home to the nation’s largest cities or located in the South—accounted for 56% of all EEOC charges filed in 2013.
Compensation & Benefits

Casual atmosphere keeps iProspect employees engaged

Employees of digital marketing firm iProspect play foosball and shoot hoops in between working with clients who hire the firm to boost their online presence.

Can we pay opportunity wages to a rehired employee?

Q: Last March, we hired a staff member’s college freshman daughter for several weeks and we paid her the $4.25 an hour opportunity wage. We’d like to hire her again for the summer. Can we continue to pay her $4.25 an hour?
Employee Relations

Can we discipline an employee for his girlfriend's actions?

Q. We have an employee whose girlfriend has come in and wandered through the production floor without permission. We have escorted her out of the building twice in the last month. What are our options if she comes in again? Should we call the police? Is there any way we can discipline the employee because his girlfriend keeps calling in several times a day wanting to talk with him?
HR Management

Honda issues social media guidelines for its employees

Some companies encourage employees to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks to spread the word about their work. So Honda Motor Co., among others, has issued social media guidelines for employees, with a caution.

Spontaneous wage protest: Can we fire the agitator who stirred up his co-workers?

Q. We are a nonunion company with a call center employee who has been stirring things up. Recently, he and a large group of first-shift employees stayed in the parking lot instead of coming back from lunch on time. A few of them held up signs saying, “Fair Wages Now!” We’d like to fire the bad apple. Are we taking any big risks if we do?
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